For the first time in Kurdistan and Iraq, we organized a hacking AND CTF challenge conference

Ahmad A Abdulla
4 min readFeb 19, 2023

Hello, my name is Ahmed Abdullah we were able to organize a hacking conference for 3 days in Iraqi Kurdistan in Sulaimani, I am a hacker and researcher on the HackerOne platform lu3ky-13

During these three days, we were able to introduce HackerOne and HackerOne work to our people, especially companies, universities and government websites HackerOne was somewhat new to them that there is a platform where you can find vulnerabilities in websites and report them

We also showed that the researchers of Kurdistan and Iraq have gone well and have been able to collect good points, but they use hacking for good work, they want the world to be safe and the profiles of all the researchers and all our hacks on HackerOne showed for universities and people. and we explained how hacker one and the platforms work.

We were also able to send invitations to many companies, teachers and professors of Kurdistan and Iraq universities, as well as Iraqi researchers, some of whom had seminars at the conference

The HackerOne researchers who attended the conference

co-founder at SulyCyberCon lu3ky-13 it’s me :D and CEO at Cyber Shield

exploitmsf ,analyz3r, mosec9 ,s3c w13d0m, zhenwarx, zug

Also the participation of these companies that were invited by conference was attended by ec-console, AWS, overcast, iron body, and more than 20 other companies and universities

We also organized several seminars at the conference

hunting frequencies to hack [Hacking Car]

How to Hack Websites via Newtwork Administrator

Hacking bio xss ,lfi SSRF vulnerabilities #XSS #SSRF

Open source intelligence rootmap

Later, when the editing is complete, we will upload the videos in higher quality

Also, on the first two days of the conference, we had a challenge similar to the hackthebox challenges, with the first team winning $1,000, the second team winning $600 and the third team winning $4 The rest of the teams will receive $100 each Meals, transportation and hotel were also discounted and more than 25 people were free

The challenge winners and teams can be viewed here

Team 1 \ exploitmsf ,

Second Team \zhenwarx \mosec9,

Team 3 \s3c\analyz3r

You can view their profiles here on HackerOne IRAQ

Some pictures from the conference